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Hi all,

Now that you are here. Please sit back, grab a beverage and  take 5-10 minutes to read this little article i put together. I think that some of you will agree and some of you will disagree with me. That is perfectly OK. As long as you read it , promoted thought by activating those little grey cells of yours then my mission will be accomplished.

Let me  start by saying that texting CAN be a useful tool to communicate but never a primary one. Enjoy the read.......

When was the last time that you remember what it is like to hold a conversation that ran long and deep, while drinking coffee or chocolate, or heck even a beer or glass of wine without “A” Cell-phone going off? - Leaving you smack in the middle of a sentence as one person if not all look towards their respective phones?

Sometimes it is worse.

Here is another example. What about a work meeting being dissolved, adjourned or postponed simply because three of the five people who were at the table began to address urgent phone calls and the indescribable chaos that ensued due to all those conversations happening at the same time which made it impossible to continue at that moment with said meeting.  I’m sure this has happened to more people than anyone cares to admit

Thanks to the phone, the conversation is becoming a telegraphic sketch or outline that  does not get anywhere.

The phone has become a real intruder.  It is becoming worse.  Before, people used to find a corner to talk.  Now that has lost all modesty.  So many people scream on their cell phones right from the very place that they are standing at that particular moment with no sense of common courtesy to others around them.

The battle, for example, against drivers who drive with one hand while the other, as well as their eyes and their brain are focused on answering the phone, seems lost. Thank god! Some states have made that illegal and as such has curbed so many crashes and fatalities.

Even motorcyclists drive with one hand while attending to or sending a text message on their cell phones! Look below!

Although people think they can speak or write while driving, it seems like the only way for them to “get it” is have to be in an accident caused by another phone addict or themselves.

I will not deny the virtues of cellular communications.  The gift of ubiquity and speed of course has as a direct result produced the integration of so many sectors in commerce and day to day life.

But I worry that the more we communicate over a certain distance, the less we actually talk
 ( and by that I mean actually TALK , not text ) to each other when we are close.

I thought about this as it has been bothering me for some time and I came up with this little epiphany : “ Cell-Phones  in general help by bringing people that are far apart together, but the very same communications distance the people that are close by via texting, no one wants to pick up the phone anymore and TALK. “

I’m still amazed and to be quite honest a little disturbed at how dependent so many people are on their cell-phones, it’s almost as if they have been dumbed down to rely on the phone to do the thinking for them.

To so many the Cell phone is more than an instrument, they use it almost as an extension of their body and almost none of them are able to quash the feeling of abandonment and loneliness if their phone does not ring from either a text, e-mail or heaven forbib! A phone call!

I’m willing to bet that is why so many of these phone addicts do not ever power their phones down, doing so would totally cut them off from what they feel is the outside world and that would make them feel so alone.

Neither at dinner, family reunions the movies or at the bank or even at a concert will they shut their phones off. I mean seriously unless someone is dying or it’s a family emergency do people really need to answer let alone hold speech conversations or text “conversations” in any of these venues?

It's something that even though I try I cannot understand.

Here are a few funny things I’ve noticed about people and their Cell-Phones

I have sensed the feeling of helplessness that occurs in many people when the stewardesses on a plane say that is about to take off it's time to turn off their phones.  Read the following article .

I have been a witness many times about the anxiety level that is unleashed when one of the most popular current ring tones goes off and everyone in the surrounding area looks for their phones. 

But of all the “Smartphones” (you know, the ones that “think” for us ) the iphones deserve a separate chapter all to themselves. I have already previously written a blog about what I think about smartphones ( ) , albeit necessary in todays market and day to day life.

I have seen so many people doing the following, how about you all? how many of you have seen the following?  ( Leave me a comment at the end of the article and let me know the funniest situation you have seen regarding "smartphone" usage . )

The Smartphone is placed on your desk at work or on arrival at a restaurant or at any meeting and it is placed in a location where it can be visible to everyone. Eh, why?

I've seen so many families and friends in restaurants where each family member or friend
is more interested on their smartphones ( which of course are up on the table for everyone to see, even though they are all family, haha! ) and any incoming communications than on enjoying a nice time out with family and or friends. Again, eh, why?

As soon as one of the phones beeps, Chirps, Burps, Farts, heck make any type of noise!
EVERYONE goes for their phones! Almost no one can refrain from answering immediately. It is dumbfounding to watch.
I've been with people who, after typing a while, look at me and smile and say: "What
were we talking about?". But by then the conversation has gone to hell.

I know almost no one with a smartphone that is not addicted to it. That in itself is a pretty sad indicator to people’s co-dependency on these things.

In Conclusion :

Back in the day you would wake up in the morning and one of the first things you would do is have a good cup of coffe, read the paper ( yes, they still exist ) and TALK with your OWN family. ( you know, the one or ones that live or lives in the other rooms in your house )

Now what people do is grab their phones and look to see if anyone sent them a text or e-mail with almost the same excitement as when they were children waiting to see what gifts santa left on Christmas morning and then proceed to for whatever reason answer ALL texts or e-mails right then and there as if the world is ending. Again, why?

It is tyranny of the instantaneous and simultaneous , the overdose of information at our fingertips and our connection to a virtual world that will in the end most definitely dent if not totally destroy the delicious pleasure of conversing with others face to face.

I hope you enjoyed the read and please fell free to leave any comments or feedback on this blog or any other blog here in the comment section below.

Till next time :)



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Rigo on Wednesday, November 23, 2011 11:24 PM
You're preaching to the choir for me. While I agree texting is a valuable tool, I gotta admit that I hate texting. I'd rather talk to someone on the phone. However, when that is not possible, texting is better than nothing. I find it much more efficient than listening to a voicemail, except when I'm driving. I'd rather receive a telephone call or voicemail instead of a text message. I love texting for shopping lists at the grocery store or lunch orders from home. So much easier than writing things down after listening to a voicemail or phone call. But I prefer human contact. :-)
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Anonymous on Thursday, November 24, 2011 1:59 PM
Well-written...and I agree with you 100%. I used to teach school, secondary, & the dumbing down is stunning, & frightening. Our country has become a bunch of automatons ("bringing you the news, products, whatever, you want/need to know/have") We sheeple are being controlled by the marketplace, and we refuse to be aware of it. The electronic revolution is not making us any smarter, more involved, or more considerate of each other. Sorry for ranting, but loss of USA is so upsetting.
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sleep medications list on Friday, December 23, 2011 3:28 AM
Here you have mentioned the disadvantage of use of mobile.I really agree with you what you have said in this article.So much of health problems can occur by excessive use of mobile phones.
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